Selasa, 23 Agustus 2011

Spg Marlboro

A Marlboro cigarette consists of "artificial flavors" many mysteries, but there are also many known materials. Of course we know that we're smoking, but what else do we breathe? Here is a list of ingredients as well as some info on what these materials.
Let's not confused, just because an ingredient is safe to eat, does not mean that it must be inhaled in the form of smoke, but here is a list of the more secure the contents of a Marlboro:
Water, sugar, licorice extract, cocoa, and carob bean
Philip Morris wants you to see this delicious treat on their list in the hope that you will not only surprised but also find a sense of relief. Is this important content to the taste and smoothness that Marlboro cigarettes? I do not know about you, but I've never lit and inhaled the sweet taste of beautiful cupcakes in my mouth. Let's see what might drown the flavor of cocoa products.
Diammonium phosphate: Other uses - fertilizer, fire retardant, rainfall in the control of dyed wool, flux for soldering tin. Diammonium phosphate is added to cigarettes as "nicotine enhancer". Mmmm ... sounds tasty!
Propylene Glycol - A toxin which is a form of mineral oil. A controversial material that allegedly safe small doses. propylene glycol is a clear liquid used in antifreeze and de-icing solutions.
Glycerol - Used to increase the moisture holding characteristics of tobacco.
Ammonium Hydroxide - A solution of ammonia in water. Agents used in household cleaners and furniture stains. Ammonia is used to accelerate the delivery of nicotine. This freebases nicotine in the same way as cocaine.
The above is a very small list of what the cigarette manufacturers really want you to know and make clear and easy to find. If this is what the public are urged to know about, imagine what more you smoke. Enough to make you stop? How to consider stopping? Find out how to get out easily, safely, naturally with a highly effective smoking cessation program